Program Overview

Program Overview

The program is a joint-venture of four prestigious business schools: IESA, Caracas; ITAM, Mexico City; Tulane University, New Orleans; and Universidad de los Andes, Bogota. MBA students of these partner schools enroll in a special global module comprised of 6 courses offered in five different countries. The global module is offered off of the normal academic calendar to accommodate travel and accelerated graduate study.

These courses focus on international leadership, teambuilding, and global business strategy. A team-based international marketing and enterprise valuation (Burkenroad Reports for Latin America) project will be executed over the duration of the module. Upon completion of this program, participants receive the MBA from their home institution and the Master of Global Managament from Tulane University.

Participants will travel in an international cohort for experiential learning and graduate study in the US, Mexico, France, China and Colombia.


Carolina Campuzano. Estudiante Global MBA


Rafael Martínez. Estudiante Global MBA


Experiencia de Michael Haslett, estudiante de intercambio del Global MBA